Sell to Us

Thank you for contacting us! Everything you see on our website we first had to buy. We purchase things from importers, wholesalers, collectors and individuals every day and would be likely be interested to buy from you as well. We specialize in vintage military items and can likely pay you more than most dealers.
If we have not done business before here are a few guidelines to get the deal rolling.
"Sell to us terms"
1. Briefly describe your items and send us a general picture.
2. Tell us how much you want for your items.
3. If we agree on a price, you must pack them up well and ship to us for inspection, at your expense.
4. After you items arrive, we inspect to see that it is as advertised.
5. If as described we will send you immediate payment.
6. If not as described we will ship back to you at no cost.
With Regards LTC